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I have a cardboard box in my basement that holds all of my flute music. The music in it is like a history of my career as a flutist starting when I joined the sixth grade beginning band. I remember the day my mom and I bought my first instrument. We went to the home of a very nice woman who was selling us her daughter’s flute. It was pretty exciting holding it in my hands. I just wanted to get home to try it out. But before we left, the woman ran back to her daughter’s bedroom to retrieve a stack of music. What a coup that turned out to be! That stack was a treasure trove of contest pieces and solo collections and duets that kept me busy through high school and into college.

Of course a lot has been added to the box over the years. There’s the Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp that I performed with my high school orchestra and the lovely Pergolesi Concerto from my college recital that almost got cancelled due to blizzard. I’ve got a well worn copy of the Bolling Suite, something I’ve always wanted to perform but never had the chance. And I have to mention Suite for Solo Flute written by a friend of a friend and dedicated to me and my husband “Upon the Occasion of their Marriage”. I think it came with a midi recording, but that’s gone the way of the rest of my old cassettes.

Not everything in the box is for flute. I have a collection of Joplin rags that are light years beyond my piano technique. There’s a book of Bach chorales and the vocal score to Handel’s Messiah even though I haven’t sung in a choir since seventh grade. And don’t forget the second violin part to Never Smile at a Crocodile. But the most mystifying item has to be the New Standard Endorsed Harmonica Course. Where did that come from?

So, what’s in your box?

Does flipping through your music collection bring back memories of a funny story, or a nightmare performance? Does it make you laugh or cry or roll your eyes? Please share your story with us! And if it’s been a while since you’ve added any flute music to your box, maybe it’s time to treat yourself. Check out the following articles about some of my favorite flute repertoire.

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