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So, you're thinking about buying a flute. That’s great! But where to begin? There are dozens of manufacturers out there, each selling multiple models with a list of options. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to well into five digits. It’s a daunting task.

First, ask yourself why you want a new instrument. I’ve purchased three flutes during the course of my flute career, each for very different reasons, based on my needs or wants at that particular stage of my development. Following are some common reasons for a flute purchase:

  • First flute purchase
  • Old flute doesn't work properly
  • Better tone quality
  • More accurate intonation
  • Easier response in the extreme registers

If you’re looking for your first flute, skip to Buying a Flute - Student Model. If you already own a flute, you may want to start by having it serviced.

Chances are you’re planning on selling your current flute to pay for a new one. In some cases you may want to keep the old flute as a back-up or for outdoor performances. Either way, you’ll want that flute to be in excellent playing condition. Once it’s been serviced you may discover that your old flute isn’t so bad after all. Now that the leaks and squeaks are gone you may find that the flute responds much better. The high notes speak with less effort and the low notes aren’t breathy and difficult to produce.

Still feel like your flute is holding you back? Then maybe it’s time to start looking at new instruments. Where you set your sights is based on your ability, your future plans and your budget. An intermediate or step-up flute is a great choice for most college bound students and adult amateur musicians. There are many choices, the quality is excellent and the price is . . . well, high.

If you are a serious music student or an accomplished adult musician, you may be thinking of buying a flute of a professional caliber. Professional flutes are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship, allowing a highly advanced player to reach their full potential.

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