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Music and flute playing have brought a great deal of joy into my life and I’ve made many good friends along the way. Here’s a brief history about me.

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I come from a remarkably non-musical family. Aside from my mom’s off-key singing in church and my dad’s Musak on the stereo and WIFC on my bedroom radio, there was little music in our home. But even as a child I was determined to play an instrument. (I also had a passion to dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov and to learn to fly. Some of my dreams never got off the ground.)

Somehow, I talked Mom & Dad into buying me a used Armstrong student model flute and I joined the sixth grade beginning band. I loved it! Junior and senior high school were filled with concerts, contests, flute & piano lessons and summer music camps. I was first chair all the way and though I was pretty hot stuff.

After high school I was off to Lawrence University to study flute with Ernestine Whitman. Reality check, I was not the next Rampal. Not even close. But I practiced endlessly and became a much finer musician. Ms. Whitman was (and is) an outstanding instructor and I shared the flute studio with some remarkable young flutists.

While at Lawrence, and afterwards at the University of Minnesota I studied other areas of interest, math and technology. My years as a Technical Analyst in the financial industry were not as glamorous as being on stage, but far more attainable while still challenging and more lucrative.

I’ve played in numerous community bands and small ensembles over the years. Currently I play flute and piccolo in the Hopkins Westwind Concert Band, the Westwind Five Woodwind Quintet and occasionally with the Silverwinds Flute Choir. I play a Haynes flute and a Yamaha wooden piccolo. I live with my husband Jonathan, and my children Alex and Molly (both percussionists) in Hopkins, Minnesota.


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