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Flute Monkey is pleased to announce that we now feature links to MusicNotes.com. MusicNotes.com is a premier provider of digital sheet music for download and print as well as traditional hard copy music by mail. Take advantage of the cost savings that digital downloading offers and enjoy the convenience and instant gratification of printing the music yourself. From Pop to Jazz to Classical, you'll find the music you're looking for at MusicNotes.com.


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Watch for the FluteMonkey.com Online Flute Store coming soon. Our store will feature everything a flute player needs, from music to gadgets to fine accessories. In addition to all the basics, we will offer unique and unusual items designed to suit the specific needs and wants of flute players.

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This Month at the Flute Monkey

Using a Tuner

Intonation is one aspect of flute playing that many of us struggle with. Using a tuner to create a personal intonation map will teach you to recognize the problem notes on your flute and help you learn how to compensate. Read More

Claude Bolling Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano

The Claude Bolling Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio with Jean Pierre Rampal on flute has been immensely popular, ranking on the Billboard charts for more than ten years. Read More

Famous Flute Players

It's difficult to come up with a long list of famous flute players. I'm sure everyone has Sir James Galway on their list, but most of us can't go a whole lot further than that. If you can name five, that's pretty good. If you can name ten, I'm impressed. There are dozens of really wonderful flute players out there. Unfortunately flute players just don't command as much name recognition as pianists, violinists or artists in more popular genres. Read More

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